Exalting God with our hearts and our music


Michigan Singers started in 1980. Who are we? Young people from all over Michigan who like to sing or play instruments and have a desire to grow and witness for God.

We are young people from all over Michigan who like to sing or play instruments and have a desire to grow and witness for God. We start practicing in September and do concerts on one weekend a month starting in March through June. A week long tour takes place as well in the summer. The average age is approximately 16 years old. They travel with 15 adult staff members.

Michigan Singers have performed at Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon as well as many churches and parks throughout the United States. They are a highly motivated group with a purpose. Watching these young people worship is an exciting experience and also very contagious.

The group is under the direction of Pastor Richard Forsman of Grand Junction, Michigan. He has been directing young people's choirs and musicals since 1961, having premiered some of the first contemporary Christian musicals.

"Working with young people who love music and most of all have a relationship with God is the most exciting thing I can think of." says Forsman, who is now 80 years old. The young people amaze everyone with their commitment and witness. Each young person must sign a commitment form as well as provide a pastoral and music reference. They are responsible to learn their music and choreography and participate in at least one other task with the group. They pay a good share of their own expenses along with money donated from churches and individuals.

The 2017 Michigan Singers

We travel with all our own sound and lighting equipment. Music is provided by a band of professional musicians that are also committed to this ministry.

Over 1,000 young people have participated in the Michigan Singers since it started over 37 years ago, and the ministry continues to this day.

Does this sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Applications are accepted for students over the age of 13. Become a part of a ministry that will change your life and change the lives of others.

To Contact or Make a Contribution to the Michigan Singers,
Contact Richard Forsman:

Home: (269) 434-6203

Cell: (269) 720-9027


Or send a letter to 70 Lester Lake Drive, Grand Junction, Michigan 49506

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