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Please send Medical Forms to the Medical Officer, Tammy Forsman. You can send them to her at:
580 Lake Drive Allegan, MI 49010

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals generally happen once a month at the Pennway Church of God. These rehearsals are spent learning music and choreography, rehearsing skits, and establishing choir relationships.

How are the sleeping arrangements made?

We have a crew that enters the church first and pick out sleeping/dressing rooms. These rooms are, whenever possible, at opposite ends of the church, with a separate set of bathrooms for each gender. Whenever that amount of space is not available, the staff place themselves in strategic places so that these areas remain separate at all times.

What if my child has a dietary need?

Any medical or dietary need can be put on the medical form, and the kitchen staff will make sure that their needs are met.
Any medical information that you would like the Medical Officer to be aware of, you can contact them directly at or (269) 355-2391

Is there a cost for choir members?

Due to the fact that Michigan Singers is a non-profit organization, a yearly fee is required by every choir member. This amount can be paid in increments, and many families find sponsors to cover some or all of this fee.


Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones may be used for alarm clocks and for listening to music at night. The choir will have limited access to social media to encourage the group to bond with one another as we pursue this journey into ministry. The staff retains the right to confiscate a cell phone if it becomes a problem for the child. If an emergency arises, Parents should contact the staff, so the staff can notify the child at an appropriate time.

The staff members carry their phones for emergency calls from parents or child. This also eliminates the possibility that you receive a call during circle up or during a concert.


We are a ministry. The way we dress should reflect that. Below you will find the dress code for boys and girls:

Boys: Shirts cannot be cut in such a way that the entire chest is shown while wearing the shirt. Also, no tank tops are permitted. Shorts must not have holes that reveal undergarments. Pants must be worn on the waist, if they do not stay up on their own a belt must be worn.

Girls: Shorts must be no higher than a pop can length above the knee, or have holes in places that show off undergarments. Pants must be worn on the waist, if they do not stay up on their own a belt must be worn. Neck lines on any shirt or top must not show cleavage. Straps must be at least twice as wide as a bra strap or they have to be layered with other shirts.

If appropriate clothing is not worn, alternative clothing will be provided.

Choir Member Checkout

After a concert, the trailer is packed with equipment and uniforms. After this, the choir takes the time to pray before everyone leaves. Because this is a special time for the choir, every member must stay until the trailer is packed and the group has dismissed after prayer.

If you cannot stay until dismissal please arrange this with Dick in writing prior to or at latest check in.

Riding Rules

Our insurance only covers drivers over the age of 25 during choir related activities. If you wish to have your child drive, they need to bring a waiver with them. If you want a choir member to ride with them, both choir members need to have a waiver.

Packing Tips


Every choir member must have solid black shoes to wear on stage. Please bring a belt if needed. The rest of the outfit will be provided.


Pack a bag just for bedding. Garbage bags work poorly becaue they tear easily. Laundry bags from the dollar store work well. Pack your air mattress pump wrapped in the middle of the sleeping bag/bedding or in the middle of the air mattress.