Richard (Dick) Forsman

Grand Junction

Dick is the director of the Michigan Singers. Since 1979 he has been orchestrating worship concerts for youth across the states to share the gospel through music and drama. Dick is from Grand Junction, MI and is retired from Zondervan and Family Bookstores. He has four adult children, seven grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren.

Bear Dendel


Bear is the sound manager and tech advisor. He has been with the choir for over 15 years. He oversees the setup of the equipment and is the driver of the truck and trailer during tours. He is also a member of the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. He is married to Sherrene and has two children. When not with the choir he spends his days helping manage drivers for a service company.

Cindy Schweikert

Swartz Creek

Cindy is the photographer for the choir and helps to capture the special memories throughout the year. She is a fairly new addition to the choir and has two sons who are also involved. When she is not with the choir, she teaches gymnastics to young children.

Christine Hunter


Christine has been with the choir for 10+ years and started as a choir member. She choreographs, writes the letters that get sent out to the choir, and oversees the website management. Christine is married to Nate, and they have two children. When not with the choir, she stays home with her boys.

Johnny Thorington


Johnny is the go-to guy as well as the luggage crew leader during tours. He has been around Michigan Singers for a long time. He is a member of the for Michigan Singers Board of Directors and is always willing to listen or to pitch in anywhere to help.

Melissa Gallagher


Melissa has been with Singers as both a member and as support staff. She is also a member of the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. When not in the choir, Melissa works as an Occupational Therapist.

Melissa Coleman


Melissa has been with the choir for 10+ years, she started as a choir member, and transitioned into an office assistant for Dick. While on tours she also helps with the kitchen crew. When not with the choir, she attends Western Michigan University and is pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Nick Osborn


Nick was a choir member who moved to help run the lights during concerts. He also assists with designing and updating the website. He is married to Michelle and works as an engineer at Solutions 4 Automation in Saginaw.

Rod Nelson


Rod has been doing the lights for Singers for over 20 years and is the Treasurer on the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. Rod is married to Pam, and they have two adult daughters and two grandchildren.

Sherrene Dendel


Sherrene has been with Singers for 20+ years. She is the stage manager, helps to run auditions, leads the wardrobe crew. She is also the Secretary of the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. She is married to Bear and has two children. When not at Singers, Sherrene homeschools her children and teaches a variety of other classes to groups of children.

Sue Simmet


Sue is in charge of preparing meals for the choir. She has been with the choir for around 5 years. When not with the choir, Sue is devoted to her family and taking care of those around her. She is married to Wilson and has two adult children..

Tammy Forsman


Tammy has been a part of the support staff from the beginning when Michigan Singers first launched. She is also an RN and is very skilled in helping vocal parts with the Singers, and lends her expertise playing her flute while on tour. She also is an active member of the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. Tammy is married to Ken, and they have four children and five grandchildren.

Zach Rietkerk


Zach has been with the choir for more than 10 years. He runs the sound for concerts and helps manage the loading crew. Zach works as a mechanic and helps to make sure the vehicles can get choir members and equipment where they need to go.


Ken Forsman


Ken was on the original ground floor with Singers even before Singers was a reality. He remains a member of the Michigan Singers Board of Directors. Ken enjoys playing many instruments and leading the band as well as at his local church. He is married to Tammy, and they have four children and five grandchildren. When Ken is not playing an instrument, you will find him using his talents and training as a family physician in his hometown.

Laurie Rietkerk


Laurie has been playing the bass for over 30 years and has been playing with the singers for over 20 of those. She is married to Randy and has one child, Zach, who helps run sound for Singers. She works as a Scholarship Coordinator for Western Michigan University.

Loretta Overhiser

South Haven

Loretta has been playing the piano and sharing her talents with Singers off and on for many years. She is married to Dave and has one child as well as a grandchild. She works as a Business Manager for a car dealership in South Haven.

Nate Hunter


Nate has been in singers for 10+ years. He has played the bass, the guitar, and the drums which he currently plays for Singers. He is in charge of the loading crew and is self-proclaimed Activities Committee president. Nate is married to Christine and has two children. When he is not at Singers, he is a Systems Engineer for 7thSense Design in Detroit.

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